Steel vs Fiberglass Rodding

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The whole purpose of putting addition support in granite countertops is so that the potential of the narrow spans such as sinks bridges and stove bridges are less likely to crack, fracture or break.

The biggest problem with steel rodding in granite countertops is that when steel is exposed to water or moisture it can rust and expand. Since granite is porous moisture can travel trough the stone. Over time this can cause the steel to rust and expand, which could cause the granite to fracture or crack. Most stone fabricators will tell you that granite is heat resistant and you can put hot pots or cookie sheets right on the surface of your granite countertops. This is true, however if you have steel rodding in your countertops and put heat near the steel there is a high risk that the steel will heat up and expand leading to the stone cracking.

Fiberglass rodding is one of the strongest materials. Fiberglass rodding bonds to the adhesive rather just surrounding it like the metal rodding. Fiberglass rodding is a product that was created specifically for the stone industry. Before fiberglass rodding the only option was steel rodding. Over the years steel rodding started having problems, such and moisture or heat expanding the steel in the stone and cracking it.  Fiberglass rodding does not rust over time and will not expand or react to moisture or heat in a negative way.




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